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At the Posh Soap Company we are very proud of our brands. 

Each collection has been selected with hours, if not days of research from the smallest ingredients to the packaging.   

All our products are kind you and your skin and our environment, so please do shop with confidence.



Hand poured with Soy Wax in small batches here in Devon by our team, with stylish Wooden Wicks what is there not to like?

Each candle is decorated with a collection of dried flower petals and look absolutely divine, packed full of fragrance these candles are delicious scent bombs!

Image by Mike Labrum

why we love
posh candles

Wooden wicks are more sustainable than cotton wicks, as thousands of wicks can be attained from a single tree.

They give off a crackle that's similar to a fireplace, and burn more evenly and cleaner than cotton wicks. 

Longer Burning - Soy wax has a lower melting point which means it burns up to 50% longer than paraffin wax candles.

Non-Toxic - As soy wax is made from vegetable oil it is clean burning and releases no known carcinogens when it is burnt.

Hand finished with meticulous attention to detail these candles make a stunning addition to any room.



Soapology, specialises in handcrafting, long lasting, cold press artisan soaps that are packed with 100% natural ingredients.

The creamy moisturising soap bars contain carefully selected essential oils, so they not only look gorgeous but they smell divine too. 

Natural Soap

why we love SOAPOLOGY


To date Soapology has one 10 Awards!!!  Including The Gold Award for The Green Parent, Natural Beauty Award,   and Gold in the Janey Loves  Award.

Soapology are committed to supporting ‘Framework’, a charity for homeless people.  For every 10 bars of soap sold they donate 1 bar.

Their handcrafted, artisan soap bars are created using 100% natural ingredients.  The ingredients used; coconut oil and sunflower oil create a creamy, moisturising conditioning bar of soap.

This soap will not go soggy!!  Due to the fact it has no added water and is cured for at least 6 weeks, when kept on a soap dish with drainage this soap stays hard.

My favourite bar is the Lemon Poppy,  I absolutely love the essential oils used in it and it is packed full of poppy seeds, giving you a jolly good scrub.



Cosy Cottage is based in Yorkshire where they make luxury, handmade bath and beauty products. They use natural, sustainable ingredients sourced from local suppliers, where possible.

Using Coconut Oil instead of Palm Oil and avoiding artificial additives, they use only natural fragrances created from steam distilled flowers, petals or fruits.


why we love COSY COTTAGE


ALL of Cosy Cottage products are plastic, palm oil, cruelty, SLS and paraben free – what is not to like.

The Cosy Cottage story began in a 350 year old Cosy Cottage, yes the Cosy Cottage is real.

 Our favourite product is their Chamomile Make Up Remover, this product makes me want to put makeup on in order to take it off again.  Using this makeup remover really is like giving your face a mini facial.  Its is so gentle, yet works amazingly.

 A little goes a long way…….there is no added water in any of the products.  The Shampoo bars are 2-3 bottles worth of standard size shampoo, and the hand cream is incredibly concentrated.

 Cosy Cottage is a family run business, founded by Clara, having been diagnosed with cancer Clara wanted to  ensure that she  made a range of cosmetics that were safe to her body and her skin, without harmful chemicals in.


olive wood

Our Olive Wood really is lovely, supplied to us by Mike, owner of Athenian Olive, each piece is unique, natural and sustainable.

Mike is a handsome young man who can be found at Totnes Market on a Saturday.

why we love OLIVE WOOD


The olive wood used comes from ‘Retired’ Olive trees, after the tree has stopped bearing fruit it can be used in a earth friendly way, benefitting us and the farmer.


 We love the grain in Olive Wood, it is simply beautiful and each piece is unique.

Olive oil on a cloth can be used to bring the grain and wood to life – it really is something of beauty.

Our Olive Wood pieces are here to stay….they won’t break if you drop them.  Olive wood is a hard wood and very strong.

Olive wood has it’s own natural antibacterial properties.



Based in Devon and run by Leoni a former Marine Biologist.  Leoni was concerned about all the pollutants in our water and ensures her products are 100% natural and made only from the finest ingredients.

Their body butter is designed to melt into the skin, and packed full of Shea butter, Coco butter, Vitamin E and Essential Oils. It is quite possibly our favourite product. 




Concerned about the pollutants entering our water ways Marine Biologist Leoni created Naturally Gorgeous Cosmetics. Needless to say 100% Natural  and 100% Gorgeous cosmetics.

Leoni is passionate about the environment and has recently opened her first Refill Shop in Devon.

The Body Butter is divine, it is designed to melt in the skin, leaving your skin with an amazing and healthy glow.

The Body Butter is made from Apricot Butter, Coco Butter, Vitamin and Essential oils.   The Rose and Ylang Ylang is delicate and floral, the Orange and Patchouli is a beautiful combination, both fragrances smell totally amazing.
The Jars the body butter come in are reusable and look lovely.

Screenshot at Oct 08 15-25-07.png


Eco living are a distributor of eco friendly and reusable products.


From their beautiful wooden dish brushes to their super cute magnetic dustpan and brushes everything is Zero waste and Carbon Neutral. 

Broken Trunk

why we love ECOLIVING


 All their wooden products are manufactured responsibly and vegan.

Eco living is carbon neutral, they plant trees through Eden Reforestation projects.

They are a member of 1% of the planet, a global network of businesses working together for a healthy planet. To date more than 175 million USD has been given back to the environment.

Although we love them all, one of our favourites is their beach wood nail brush, with plant based bristles. And works excellently to clean your nails and stays hard, it also won't rot or mould. 

It goes without saying they are 100% plastic free, great value for money and why not buy something that will help the planet? 

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